Mitchell Rosen – President

Amost 40 years of construction, mechanical and marketing experience; Mitch has been instrumental in creating unique processes that produce high quality results and at lower costs. Mitch is an “out of the box” thinker. Starting in the 1970s Mitch was involved with energy efficiency and conservation in the insulation business. From there he went on to open and operate Liberty Total Comfort Systems in Southfield, MI and became a leading spokesman and advocate for the industry. Working with Consumer Energy Co and on the Advisory Board for the A.E.S.P. (Association of Energy Service Professionals), Mitch was the key note speaker at the 1998 Natural Gas Fair in Toronto. In 2000 he was appointed by the United States Secretary of Energy to serve on F.E.M.A.C (Federal Energy Management Advisory Committee), which he did until 2004. Since 2005 Mitch has been working with national retailers on their expansion plans and facilities needs, having founded SFV-LLGC, LLC. Mitch resides and operates our offices in Naples, FL.