Why should you outsource Facility Management?

Pretend you own a handful of fast food restaurants. You have a pile of employees and overhead
that you constantly have to watch and manage. Aside from making sure your line cook isn’t eating your profits, you need to manage the finances of your business, and you need to manage the purchasing, and you need to manage the marketing, and franchise requirements, and, and, and…Point is you have a lot of responsibilities. Now it’s Friday night and your toilet starts to
over flow, or someone throws a rock threw your front window, or you have a severe roof leak. Chances are if you don’t have someone on your payroll to handle these issues, it falls into your
lap. By using a third party facility maintenance company you only have to make one call and be
done with it. For the businesses that do have an in-house department to handle their maintenance needs, it is usually more cost effective for them as well to hire those responsibilities out, unless of course you are a company that enjoys more expenses and overhead. Focus on your business instead of day-to- day repair and maintenance issues. Usually there is no fixed cost with facility maintenance, you pay as you go. Which is much cheaper than hiring someone full time to wait for something to break or having your manager focus on something besides sales.

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