Site Selection

Working with a group of highly respected brokers and landlords and using the site criteria and demographics provided, SFV Services and its partners will locate and begin negotiations on sites in days.


Site Assessment

An SFV Services team member will visit each proposed site and issue a site suitability report based on the existing infrastructure and design-build requirements.

A comprehensive site assessment will be completed to evaluate the site prior to the decision to issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) or prior to construction and commitment to a lease.

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Design & Architecture

During the Site Assessment, SFV Services will develop a basic space plan showing the existing dimensions and created a proposed layout for approval and issue a ​Professional Opinion of Cost (P.O.C)​.

Upon approval SFV Services and its partner architects will develop a full set of plans complete with Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design. Enjoy our full-service solutions, including permitting services and permit expediting.